Ohio Mermaid Just Minding Her Business

Don’t mind me, I’m just an Ohio Mermaid minding my own business. That’s right, after quite some time of performing as a mermaid, I’ve decided to make this an official business!

In the past 2 weeks, I’ve managed to accomplish a lot. Even while fighting off a nasty cold that’s been going around and working my day job (yay, me)! For clarification, let me share with you just some of the things I’ve done recently: Continue reading “Ohio Mermaid Just Minding Her Business”

Let’s Be Mermaids!

It’s Mermaid Monday! So, it’s not quite 5am yet and I’ve already been awake for several hours (as I mentioned in my previous post, I’m up very early every day). Today, however, was earlier than normal as one of our salty sea dogs decided it was time to get up long before the average sea-creature starts to stir!

It’s mornings like this I long for the salty ocean air and sand under my fins! I don’t know who created the image to the left, but it pretty much sums up my feelings today. Who’s with me? Continue reading “Let’s Be Mermaids!”

A Day in the Life of a Mermaid

I thought it would be nice to share with you “a day in the life of a mermaid” – as seen from the human perspective. A punny look at memaid life on land (as a human). Enjoy!

Every day, I wake up and stretch my fins before the crack of the clam. (That’s really early for you land-walkers!) I head out to the nearest cove and move around some heavy rocks (do some weight-training in my gym). I follow that up with a short swim (a core workout and cardio). After that, I place myself under the waterfall and fluff my fins (take a shower and get dressed for the day).

Next, I like to check in on all of my friends (browse social media). Then I expand my mind (mermaids love books!). I explore some dark areas of my underwater world Continue reading “A Day in the Life of a Mermaid”