Ohio Mermaid Just Minding Her Business

Don’t mind me, I’m just an Ohio Mermaid minding my own business. That’s right, after quite some time of performing as a mermaid, I’ve decided to make this an official business!

In the past 2 weeks, I’ve managed to accomplish a lot. Even while fighting off a nasty cold that’s been going around and working my day job (yay, me)! For clarification, let me share with you just some of the things I’ve done recently:

Turning My To-Do’s into Ta-Das!

  • Register business with the State of Ohio 🗸
  • Devise Business Plan 🗸 , determine packages and pricing, etc 🗸
  • Buy domain name 🗸 , get hosting 🗸 , create and code main portions of website 🗸
  • Create social media mer-sonalities on Facebook 🗸 and Instagram 🗸
  • Design and order business cards 🗸
  • Revise design of business cards and reorder (because I wasn’t happy with the first one) 🗸
  • Order a new custom-made tail & monofin (it’s way fancier – I can’t wait to share it with all of you, but it’s still being made right now!) 🗸
  • Get the business on Google 🗸
  • Tons of geeky tech stuff related to website and social media accounts 🗸
  • Begin lining up events 🗸
  • Order some additional mermazing trinkets that will make my performances that much better 🗸
  • Keep social media accounts active by posting regularly and staying engaged with clients and potential clients 🗸
  • Add new and interesting content to website regularly 🗸

Blade’s Been Busy, Too

Additionally, my ever-talented and amazing husband, Cap’n Blade, has revised or created new items for me as well. I love to share his work with all of you, so you’ll want to look for a post covering those things, soon! By the way, did you know that he created my first mermaid transport, my stabby stick (trident), my crown and the top I wear with my tail? Likewise, most of my mermaid jewelry and accessories were made by him as well. I told you he was talented!

If you read that last paragraph closely, you may catch on to the hint I laid out for you. It concerns one of the things Cap’n Blade has (re)created for me. Also, I now realize he will need to make me a new top to wear with my new tail as well! I do believe this business keeps him almost as busy as it keeps me!

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