Let’s Be Mermaids!

It’s Mermaid Monday! So, it’s not quite 5am yet and I’ve already been awake for several hours (as I mentioned in my previous post, I’m up very early every day). Today, however, was earlier than normal as one of our salty sea dogs decided it was time to get up long before the average sea-creature starts to stir!

It’s mornings like this I long for the salty ocean air and sand under my fins! I don’t know who created the image to the left, but it pretty much sums up my feelings today. Who’s with me?

Alas, responsibilities and real-life beckons – so I will just flip my fins and grin! This past weekend has involved a lot of mer-planning and I have so many ideas for adding new and exciting things to our mer-adventures this summer, though I don’t want to give away too much just now. Later this week, I also plan on adding other pages to the website – but we’re not off to a bad start since it’s only gone up a couple days ago!

Speaking of real-life and responsibilities…it’s nearly time for that hour long swim (drive to work). I hope you all have a fintastic day!!

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