Ohio Mermaid Just Minding Her Business

Don’t mind me, I’m just an Ohio Mermaid minding my own business. That’s right, after quite some time of performing as a mermaid, I’ve decided to make this an official business!

In the past 2 weeks, I’ve managed to accomplish a lot. Even while fighting off a nasty cold that’s been going around and working my day job (yay, me)! For clarification, let me share with you just some of the things I’ve done recently: Continue reading “Ohio Mermaid Just Minding Her Business”

Happy International Mermaid Day!

Did you know International Mermaid Day was a real thing? How great is that?! I wasn’t actually planning on making a post today, but how could I not share this with all of you?

International Mermaid Day
#International Mermaid Day
Photo by Mermaid Elle, @miamimermaidelle

From what I have read, March 29th officially became #internationalMermaidDay, last year in 2018 – so it’s still a fairly new thing. Don’t feel bad if you didn’t know, but now you know! Share the love and join in on the shellebration!!

I found this image from another mermaid that I follow on Instagram, @miamimermaidelle, so go check her out!