Hi, I’m a Northeast Ohio Mermaid Entertainer who loves to make a splash wherever I go! Making people smile is something I truly enjoy (and no one can stay grumpy around a mermaid!) I find this to be true for adults as well as children – age just doesn’t matter when a mermaid is around!

The (Short) Story of Me

Northeast Ohio Mermaid Entertainer caught by Cap'n Blade!
Cap’n Blade caught a mermaid!

I am available for both wet and dry events. One thing that is somewhat difficult for me, however, is traveling on land. That’s because I have tail where you have legs! For that reason, I have a pirate with me at all times to do the dirty work and the heavy lifting, so to speak. Cap’n Blade is an amazing entertainer that you get as a bonus just for hiring me! Together, we have been entertaining groups of all sizes and ages since 2013.

It all started one day while I was out swimming. Cap’n Blade was fishing off the deck of his ship. I’m not exactly sure what he was fishing for… but what he caught was me(!) and he’s kept me with him ever since. He gives me treasures from the sea that he creates just for me!(That gives me and idea! I think I’ll create a blog post showcasing some of those beautiful treasures so I can share them with all of you.)

If you’re looking for a Mermaid Entertainer in the Northeast Ohio area, I hope you’ll consider hiring me. Take a look at the services I can offer. Then, ask me about ways I can help make your next event fintastic! I have provided several ways to contact me, depending on your preference. Or, if you prefer to reach out through social media, I can be found on both Facebook and Instagram. I look forward to hearing from you!