A Storm Was Brewing

There was a storm a-brewing last night and the tornado siren was blaring through town. I sat outside as the dark clouds were rolling by. The temperature dropped and the wind picked up. As the thunder rumbled in the distance and the rain came in hard, all I could think about was putting on my tail and playing in the rain. (I didn’t get the chance, though I think it would have made for some great photos!)
What I did do, however, was look at the sky. It was really quite beautiful and I watched as the bright areas of blue sky and white fluffy clouds were being chased away by the eerie, dark and violent storm approaching. In the midst of the impending chaos, what do I see in the clouds? A Mermaid, of course!!

Mermaid in the clouds
Can you spot the mermaid?

Can you see her? Do you spot the mermaid in the sky? She’s swimming under the waves of clouds, with the darkness following behind her.

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