A Day in the Life of a Mermaid

I thought it would be nice to share with you “a day in the life of a mermaid” – as seen from the human perspective. A punny look at memaid life on land (as a human). Enjoy!

Every day, I wake up and stretch my fins before the crack of the clam. (That’s really early for you land-walkers!) I head out to the nearest cove and move around some heavy rocks (do some weight-training in my gym). I follow that up with a short swim (a core workout and cardio). After that, I place myself under the waterfall and fluff my fins (take a shower and get dressed for the day).

Next, I like to check in on all of my friends (browse social media). Then I expand my mind (mermaids love books!). I explore some dark areas of my underwater world (work on my side business). Then I gather up some kelp and small fish (make my lunch) and go for an hour long swim (drive to work).

a day in the life of a mermaid - swim with the sharks!It is now 7am. Soon I meet up with other sea-creatures (my co-workers). I spend most of my day helping other people navigate the tides (creating applications that make their jobs easier and more efficient). Some days, I swim with the sharks! (attend meetings).

When that adventure is over for the day, it’s another hour long swim (drive back home). Then I float in my grotto near my favorite pirate (relax at home with my husband) before falling asleep.

I’m exhausted just writing about a day in the life of a mermaid, but I do hope you’ve enjoyed it.¬†Mermaidin’ ain’t easy!¬†

A day in the life of a mermaid - sea friends

All of the photos on this page were taken by me at various locations.

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