My Mermaid Life – Welcome to My Grotto

Welcome to my web grotto, I’m so glad you came by! I’m so happy to share with you My Mermaid Life! I’m sure you’ll find some shineys (and maybe even some hidden gems!) if you look around.

The Mermaid Life Post-COVID

Things have been very busy for this mermaid lately and I’m excited to share it with you! I have several articles I’m working on now for the blog and I’m hoping to have those published soon. Post-COVID events are starting to line up again which is mermazing because I have missed you all sooo much!!

Some of My Friends:

You will be able to see many more pictures in my galleries (more will be added soon) but here I want to introduce you to some special friends.

I love, love, LOVE stingrays (in case you didn’t know that about me)! You will see 2 photos above that have me with stingrays in them. They still come to me even if I’m not in the water with them! How great is that?!! I also have a thing for pirates so you’ll often see me in pictures with at least one nearby! I like to have them around to do the heavy lifting and the dirty work – it’s very difficult for a mermaid to get around on land without a pirate!

My home here is just beginning to take shape, but I welcome you here and invite you to kick up your fins and stay awhile. Feel free to throw me a line if you have any questions about anything. I’m always happy to talk to humans; I find you all to be so intriguing (not to mention my fascination with your legs!).

For now, this site will be primarily used for information and ways to contact me about my Mermaid Life – with event photos and stories thrown in for fun. But I also have ideas for expanding the site, a little at a time, with lots of other fun and useful features. It’s all so exciting! I can’t wait to bring you these goodies!

Since building the content here is obviously something that takes some time, please like and follow me in other social media as well – I’m on Facebook and Instagram. I look forward to seeing you!